When you go to visit Tennessee, especially in the summer, you have so many opportunities to do fun things. It really doesn’t matter what city you choose to visit. It might be Nashville, Memphis or Knoxville to name a few. There are others that are also well known, but people tend to gravitate toward these top three. Let’s go over a few of the cities that you can visit, and which ones will offer you the best opportunity to have the most fun in just a few short weeks.


This city is one that is extremely different from Nashville and Memphis which are primarily well known for country music artists. This city has a large aquarium, a beautiful place to do rockclimbing, and you can also take part with others that believe in ghosts that still walk among us. It’s also a good destination for people that appreciate caverns, and just like to participate in the wilderness. That being said, you might actually be going to Tennessee to find out more about country music as mentioned before. For this, you definitely have to go to Nashville and Memphis.

Nashville And Memphis

These are two of the most popular cities in the state. You really do need to consider visiting for several days in each one. For those that have never been there before, Memphis has a beautiful zoo, Graceland, and other places that will make you feel like you are at home. You can go to a botanical garden, or head over to the famous Levitt Shell. Once you are done there, head north east into Nashville which is the home of some of the top country music artists. What you will see our things like the Nashville zoo, and you can also do bike tours. Most people, however, are going to head over to the Grand Ole Opry House. You can learn all about country music, its origins, and to the best artists are today. It is a city where country music thrives, and if that’s what you like to listen to, this is definitely the place to be.

This state has quite a bit to offer in terms of not only the history of country music, but natural places that you can go. It’s one of those destinations that often surprises people that have only heard about Tennessee, but have never actually been there. There are so many fun things to do outside, including climbing, hiking, or checking out haunted graveyards at the end of the day. Find out more about this beautiful state and book your trip as soon as you can to get the best rates.